OpenBravo - Out of the box, open source, ERP

'Easy to install' is not the first thing that comes to mind when people think of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. Last week, OpenBravo, a web-based, open source ERP solution, released installers built with BitRock technology that make installing their entire system a breeze. OpenBravo was designed for the small to medium sized business market, so having a fast, easy installation process is especially important (most SMEs don't have the IT resources to implement complex enterprise management systems.)

The OpenBravo license in based on the MPL, and the software is available for download from Sourceforge.


Red Herring Europe

Red Herring has announced the Red Herring 200 finalists for their European awards. BitRock was one of the companies selected. It seems we are in good company, including some clients like OpenBravo and our friends at Ring2 (if you live on a BlackBerry and do conference calls, you need to check them out).


Zmanda releases ZMC

Congratulations to the Zmanda folks on the release of the Zmanda Management Console, a slick web-based product that significantly reduces the burden of installation and ongoing management of Amanda servers, especially in complex enterprise environments. ZMC itself is installed with the Zmanda rapid installer, based on BitRock custom stacks technology. Checkout the flash video of the installation process.