Just Released: InstallBuilder 4.4

Updates include:
  • Support for .DEB packaging generation
  • Platform support for FreeBSD 6 - 64 bits
  • New httpPost action, allows passing of parameters
  • New 'scope' property for actions addDirectoryToPath and removeDirectoryFromPath allows to set path only for current user (Windows only)
  • New 'askForConfirmation' property for password parameters allows not having to verify password
  • Improved visualization for GTK and Win32 modes, as well as crashes in some specific GTK configurations
To view the complete changelog please visit:
http://www.bitrock.com/download_installbuilder_changelog.html, or to download visit http://bitrock.com/download_installbuilder_download.html.


We're Hiring!

Having the right people on our team is a key to success in the competitive, dynamic environment of software development. So, we are searching high and low for passionate, talented individuals to join our team in sunny southern Spain in the following roles:
We offer interesting, cutting-edge projects, an international work environment and competitive salaries.

If you think you would be a good fit for either position, please send your resume to careers@bitrock.com and in the subject line include the job title of the position you are applying for. Any previous involvement and in-depth expertise with key open source projects such as Apache, PHP, Mono, MySQL, and PostgreSQL is a big plus.


BitRock @ the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit

BitRock has been invited to attend next week’s Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, which will be hosted at Google’s Mountain View Campus. The Summit brings together several of the brightest minds in the Linux ecosystem to discuss everything Linux, from how to get more users onto Linux to Kernel Messaging. Of course, we are especially interested in the packaging discussion, which will allow us to share some of our experience in packaging open source software for a wide range of Linux distributions. If you’re attending the conference, please keep your eye out for us to say hello. we’ll be the very jetlagged Spaniards.