InstallBuilder 5.0 Released

The official 5.0 release of BitRock InstallBuilder is now available for download. We'd like to thank everyone who provided feedback on the beta release. It was very helpful and allowed us to get the official release out quickly. Here are a few of the new features:
  • LZMA compression support (reduces installer size up to 30%)
  • Improved installer startup speed
  • New action iniFileSet to create and modify .ini files
  • New property splashScreenDelay increases the display time of the splash screen
  • New rule processTest to test for running processes (Windows, Linux, OSX)
  • New getDiskUsage action calculates disk space for files and folders
  • Windows installer now shows a graphical popup for error and help messages
  • preBuildActionList is now executed in Quick Builds
  • readyToInstallActionList is now available in generated RPMs

A complete list of improvements is available on our changelog.


MySQL Enterprise Monitor

Congratulations to MySQL on the Fall release of MySQL Enterprise Monitor

MySQL Enterprise Monitor is a pretty impressive application monitoring framework. In addition to raising alerts when necessary and tracking performance over time, also provides configuration suggestions based on best practices.

BitRock has been working closely with MySQL over the last year in the packaging and deployment of the stack that supports MySQL Enterprise Monitor, and we have been impressed with both the team and the product. If you are running MySQL in production, we encourage you to check out the free trial.


InstallBuilder 5.0 Beta Released

We recently released a beta of the upcoming InstallBuilder 5.0. Among other enhancements, this release adds LZMA compression and better integration with Vista. Our testing showed that the new compression algorithm reduces installer size by an average of 20%. We've also worked on improving installer start-up speed, and you'll see a noticeable improvement in this new release.

To download the beta and view a more complete list of improvements, visit:




Zach Elko, a participant in Google's Summer of Code has been working on creating an installer for the open source project OpenMRS. OpenMRS began in 2004 in response to the AIDS pandemic and the lack of access to efficiently manage medical information in developing countries. It provides users the ability to design customized medical records systems with no programming knowledge. OpenMRS is often deployed in environments with limited technical expertise. The installer Zach developed using InstallBuilder helps end-users quickly and easy get the system up and running. For more information about OpenMRS and a little bit about our involvement check out this Google video by the founders of the project.

We're very happy to have been able to help in this project and look forward to hearing more about their success. If you are an open source developer looking for an installer to help ease adoption of your project, please contact us.