We're Hiring!

BitRock is growing and we’re looking for smart, motivated and talented individuals to join our team! The position we’re currently working to fill is for a Stack Engineer. Our Stack Engineers work with clients throughout the world to deliver customized native installers, virtual machine images and cloud templates for their software. These are similar to the software stacks we build for the BitNami project. Stack Engineers also bring new BitNami Stacks to market and keep the current ones up to date. This position provides an excellent opportunity to work with technologies such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, Apache, MySQL and many other Open Source projects across Windows, Linux, OS X and various cloud platforms such as Amazon, Rackspace, GoGrid and OpSource. If you are a distro packager or a sysadmin who likes to automate his or her work, you’ll love this job!

Qualified applicants must be fluent in a scripting language such as Ruby, Python or Tcl, and familiar with common Open Source development tools. Interaction with customers is mostly over email, so the ability to write fluently and communicate effectively in English is a must. A big chunk of the development team is in Spain, so a bit of ‘Spanglish’ would not hurt, either :)

If you’re local (or would like to live in) Seville, Spain, we have an office there ready and waiting for the right candidate. We also have several employees in other countries who work from home, so if you have a home office and are comfortable working remotely, we will be happy to consider your application. To apply, please send your CV along with a letter telling us a little about yourself and why you’d like to join our team to careers@bitrock.com.


DevOps Meetup Tomorrow in Palo Alto

We're excited to announce the first San Francisco Bay Area DevOps Meetup, happening April 21st at The Old Pro in Palo Alto. If you're not familiar with the term DevOps, take a look at this article, which gives a great explanation.

This first meetup is all about getting to know and networking with your fellow DevOps enthusiasts. We'll be meeting at 7pm to drink beer, eat food, and talk DevOps. We're co-sponsoring the event with DTO Solutions and rPath to make sure there is some tasty food and beer to keep everyone fueled up. We hope you're able to join us!


InstallBuilder 6.3 Released - Localization and Memory Improvements

We recently released version 6.3.0 of InstallBuilder, which includes a number of improvements, including the ability to include localized license agreements and set the default installation language based on the previous installation. We have also reduced the memory consumption when unpacking large single-file installers. Other InstallBuilder improvements include:

  • Multiple improvements to CD-ROM installers
  • Allow HTML license files in Qt mode
  • New installer_builder_version and installer_builder_timestamp built-in variables
  • New <httpProxyInit> action to configure proxy to use with http actions
  • New <xmlFileGet> and <xmlFileSet> actions
  • New <addScheduledTask> and <deleteScheduledTask> Windows actions
  • New .password suffix to mask passwords in log messages
  • Support for osx-intel and osx-pcc in platform test
  • Add support for FreeBSD 8
  • Improve the RPM removal process

Visit installbuilder.bitrock.com to download or to view our changelog.