InstallBuilder 6.5.3 Released - Adds Korean Language Support

We just released version 6.5.3 of InstallBuilder, which includes the following improvements:

  • Added Korean language support.
  • Changed icon resolution limitations on Windows. Now, any resolution is accepted.
  • Fixed issue with OS X installers failing when requiring Administrative privileges and containing invalid characters in its <fullName>.
  • Make keyboard focus visible in xwindow mode.
  • Fixed issue with uninstaller not being created in some scenarios when launched with a symbolic link. 
  • Added support for symbolic links in unzip action.
  • Allow component names to contain underscores.
  • Fixed issue with integer validation failing when dealing with large integers.
  • Allow <permissions> tag in <changePermissions> action to contain variables. 
This new release is now available on our website for download


Calling All Qt Developers - Join us at Developer Days 2010!

We're excited to be sponsoring Qt Developer Days 2010 as an exhibitor again this year. If you develop with or would like to learn about developing with the Qt crossplatform development toolkit, we highly suggest you attend. Past events have been packed with tutorials, hands-on labs and presentations on how to use Qt and Qt Creator to reach millions of users on Symbian, Meego and all major desktop platforms.

There are two separate events - one in Munich from October 11th - 13th and another in San Francisco from November 1st - 3rd, to make attending more convenient. Space is limited, so register now to make sure you get to attend!


InstallBuilder 6.5 Now Available

We have been hard at work on InstallBuilder and we're happy to announce that InstallBuilder 6.5.0 is now available. This release includes a long list of improvements, such as:

  • New <consoleWrite> action
  • New mechanism to escape variable references
  • Allow configuring Autoupdate tool proxy through the configuration file
  • New <antivirusTest> and <firewallTest>
  • Added --help menu to the builder
  • Added --license command line flag to the builder to provide an alternative license file
  • Added --debugtrace command line flag to the builder
  • Added --project command line flag to specify a project to load in the GUI builder
  • Improved unattendedModeUI mode to support gtk and qt mode
  • Added <delay> tag to <stopWindowsService> action
  • New windows-x86 platform type check added to <platformTest> rule
  • Fixed refresh issue that affected download rate in Autoupdate Tool, especially on OS X
  • New <runAsAdmin> tag added to shortcuts to mark Windows shortcuts to run as Administrator
  • Improved validation of boolean and integer type settings
To check out all of the new features, download InstallBuilder 6.5 or visit our changelog.