InstallBuilder 8.5.1 Released.

We recently released version 8.5.1 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:
  • Updated documentation
  • Improved Windows 8 and Windows 2012 compatibility
  • Improved handling of errors in Windows services actions
  • Improved Java autodetection in OS X
  • Improved <addUser> and <deleteUser> actions to support Windows domains
  • Make AutoUpdate iterate over the list of mirrors in case of error when running in unattended mode
  • Added high resolution icon for OS X installers compatible with Retina Display
  • Improved <linkParameter> look and feel
  • Improved <createSymLinks> action
  • Fixed uninstallation not being aborted when closing the uninstaller window in some scenarios
  • Fixed <choiceParameter> page wrapping on Gtk mode
  • Fixed choice selection widget crashing in some Windows environments
  • Fixed uninstaller creation failing in some Windows scenarios when calling the installer using a relative symbolic links

Visit installbuilder.bitrock.com to download or to view our changelog.


Get Your Installer Ready for OS X Mountain Lion with InstallBuilder 8.5

InstallBuilder 8.5 is now available and includes support for the latest release of Mac OS X, Mountain Lion. This latest OS X version includes a major change: Gatekeeper is enabled by default. Gatekeeper is a system designed to restrict which sources users can install applications from in order to reduce the chance of inadvertently executing applications containing trojan horses, virus and malware. The default settings will prevent users from running applications that have not been downloaded from the Apple app store or digitally signed by a developer. If your users download an unsigned installer, they will be greeted by a pop-up saying that it can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. They will be unable to install the application unless you modify the system-wide settings.

InstallBuilder 8.5 includes built-in support for signing your installers. If the installers are downloaded from a website, OS X will still prompt your users to confirm whether or not they want to run them, but other than that, they will behave as they have until now.

In addition to support for OS X Mountain Lion and code signing, the InstallBuilder 8.5 also includes the following improvements:
  • Improved performance when building downloadable components
  • Reduced uninstaller creation time on Solaris
  • Fixed dialog failing in some environments
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed required_diskspace built-in variable not properly calculated when enabling
  • Fixed Qt Installers are not properly centered on Windows
  • Prevent the uninstaller from aborting when trying to close the window
  • Fixed and explanation text wrapping
  • Fixed component description label not properly wrapping on some environments
  • Fixed --onlyprojectfiles command line flag not working when using downloadable components
Visit installbuilder.bitrock.com to download or to view a complete changelog.


InstallBuilder 8.3.0 Released.

We recently released version 8.3.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:
  • Disabled the debugger in platforms other than Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Single platform Linux edition can now build both x86 and x64 binaries
  • Improved Java launchers to support generating console applications
  • Improved LZMA support on Linux x64
  • Improved xwindow mode to support the <wmImage> setting
  • Added French translation to the AutoUpdate tool
  • Added text mode support when using minimalWithDialogs UI mode
  • Improved platform_name built-in variable to allow identifying CDROM builds programmatically
  • Updated Linux Distributions detection and added Amazon Linux distribution to the list of platforms
  • Updated documentation
  • New installer_error_code and installer_error_code_original built-in variables
  • Fixed <compareText> rule not properly working in some scenarios
  • Fixed some files being packed twice on Windows
  • Fixed <deleteOnExit> not properly working in some Windows scenarios
  • Fixed uninstaller not properly finding its data file in some scenarios
  • Fixed <preInstallationActionList> not triggering the <intallationAbortedActionList> in case of error
  • Properly set the installation log permissions when configuring the <defaultUnixOwner> and <defaultUnixGroup> settings
  • Fixed <createOSXService> action not properly configuring its scope
  • Fixed components not allowing programmatic selection at some points of the installation when enabling <allowAddRemoveComponents>

Visit installbuilder.bitrock.com to download or to view our changelog.


InstallBuilder 8.2.0 Released!

We are very happy to announce the release of InstallBuilder 8.2.0! One of the primary new features of this release is the inclusion of password protected encryption of the installer payload. Using this feature is as easy as adding the below code to your project:


The password will be required at runtime. Failing to provide one will automatically abort the installation.

And that is all you need to do to include an additional level of security in your installer!

Other features included in these release are:

  • Added support for ksh shell in environment variable actions
  • Improved <autodetectJava> action to allow configuring the bitness (32bit/64bit) of the target Java runtime
  • Improved <renameFile> action to support wildcards
  • Improved installer images initialization on OS X
  • Improved ini file actions to support both hashes and semicolons as comment characters
  • Fixed OS X installers prompting twice for privilege elevation when enabling <requireInstallationByRootUser>
  • Fixed 32 bit installers crashing in Linux Mint x64 when running in gtk mode
  • Fixed system language not being properly detected in some Unix environments
  • Fixed GUI buid log not allowing text selection on OS X
  • Fixed unattendedmodeui setting not properly displaying its default value in the help menu
  • Fixed <showProgressDialog> failing at uninstallation time in some environments
  • Fixed required parameters being mandatory even if its parent parameter is not selected
  • Fixed nested uninstaller calls not properly working on Windows


InstallBuilder 8.1.0 Released.

We recently released version 8.1.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:
  • Updated documentation
  • Reduced memory consumed by big installers
  • Improved Builder GUI drag and drop when using non-default DPI settings
  • Improved startup time in qt mode when using a big number of directory parameters
  • Improved Qt mode on OS X to use the native buttons order
  • Fixed OS X installers failing in some environments when displaying the final page
  • Fix crash when failing to delete locked DLLs
  • Fixed installers failing when displaying some component groups configurations
  • Fixed Windows shortcuts cache not being properly refreshed on uninstallation
  • Fixed downloadable components not properly verifying the download checksum in some environments
  • Fixed <kill> action not properly working when invoked inside loop actions
  • Fixed AutoUpdate not properly normalizing the update download location
  • Fixed <userTest> failing in some Windows 64bits environments when <windows64bitMode> is enabled
  • Fixed some actions not properly executed in the <onErrorActionList>
  • Fixed installer not being deleted in some environments when <deleteOnExit> is enabled

Visit installbuilder.bitrock.com to download or to view our changelog.


InstallBuilder 8.0.2 Released.

We recently released version 8.0.2 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:
  • Improved example projects and made them easily accessible through the builder GUI
  • Added HTTPS support for Linux, Windows and OS X for <httpGet> and <httpPost> actions as well as for the autoupdater
  • Improved downloadable components to allow resuming failed downloads
  • Added new <runAsAdmin> tag to <addScheduledTask> action
  • Improved error handling when none of the configured allowed display modes can be initialized
  • Improved built-in pages to display runtime changes of the <fullName> property
  • Fixed HTTP-related actions failing in some Windows 64bit environments
  • Fixed <componentTest> rule not properly checking child components
  • Fixed Qt mode not properly displaying right-to-left languages
  • Fixed Gtk custom style not properly wrapping some parameter pages text
  • Fixed <runProgram> action failing in some Windows environments when passing arguments containing % characters
  • Fixed installer failing when launched in some partially broken HP-UX environments
  • Fixed incorrect encoding in Italian language
  • Fixed <choiceParameter> crashing when providing multiple options with the same text
  • Fixed InstallBuilder's User Guide link in start menu on Windows
  • Fixed Gtk progress bar writing warnings to console in some environments
  • Fixed <labelParameter> not being properly vertically aligned

Visit installbuilder.bitrock.com to download or to view our changelog.