InstallBuilder 16.7.0 now available

Our latest version update for InstallBuilder is now available. For those of you wanting support for Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra), we have good news- it is now supported!

In this update, we also improved detection of existing .NET installations, to include .NET framework 4.6. When your application is being installed, you can have it automatically create variables that correspond to the correct version. For example, if you wanted to check for .NET framework versions 2.0 to 4.6, you could use the <autodetectDotNetFramework> action:


This version also includes the following bug fixes:


InstallBuilder 16.6.0 Released

We recently released version 16.6.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:
  • Improved Windows signing methods to allow nesting multiple signatures
  • Improved final page check boxes by making their labels clickable
  • Improved error reporting when failing to pack non readable files
  • Fixed build error on Windows if any of the version components include a leading 0 followed by another digit
  • Fixed some strings not being localized in the Autoupdate
  • Fixed folder ownership issue in certain scenarios
  • Fixed dialogs not being shown in unattended graphical mode when using 32bit installer on 64 Linux systems
  • Fixed Java launchers failing to print to console in certain Windows environments