InstallBuilder 17.10.0 Released

For October, the InstallBuilder engineering team has been focusing on increasing the speed of the uninstaller, improving Linux OS detection, as well as some bug fixes.

  • Improved uninstallation speed when using GUI
  • Improved Linux OS detection
  • Fixed Unix service handling for Ubuntu after Ubuntu was added as separate distribution type
  • Fixed InstallBuilder not fully exiting at end of installation on some Linux environments
  • Fixed Chinese language code detection on macOS
  • Fixed OS X signing failing on some Linux x64 platforms when using the 32bit builder

Get the latest version of InstallBuilder to ensure that you can take advantage of these improvements.


    InstallBuilder 17.8.0 and 17.9.0 Releases

    In the latest two releases our engineering team has been focusing on some improvements, bug fixes, and documentation updates.

    • Allow modification of <passwordParameter>'s <askForConfirmation> in its <preShowPageActionList>
    • Fixed installer appearing minimized on OS X when running with splash screen disabled in Qt mode
    • Fixed installers failing to start inside directories containing special characters
    • Properly display license files with BOM character
    • Improved <labelParameter> alignment on win32/osx/xwindow modes
    • Documentation updates
    • POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY: Made parameter group validation in text mode behave as in GUI modes, not running <postShowPageActionList> unless validation succeeds