Configure autoupdate project settings from the command line

We have recently released InstallBuilder 19.11.0. With this update it's now possible to use --setvars with the autoupdate builder. This allows you to set different autoupdate project settings and variables from the command line variables in the command line. For example:

./autoupdate/bin/customize.run build autoupdate-project.xml linux-x64 --setvars autoupdate.installerFilename=sample.run

Here is the complete list of improvements:

  • Updated HTTP/HTTPS internal dependencies
  • Improved AutoUpdate handling of malformed update.xml files
  • Support --setvars command-line option when building the AutoUpdate
  • Support customizing license file location when building the AutoUpdate
  • Improved images rendering on macOS Builder
  • Improved Windows installers exit handling
  • Added .NET 4.8 autodetection
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed <enableSsl> not honored on Windows at uninstallation time when using signed uninstallers
  • Fixed startmenu shortcuts not being created on windows-x64 installers
  • Fixed HTTP actions not honoring customized Accept header
  • Fixed false signing failure detection when building on macOS Catalina

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